PipeTech Scan has the capable of integrating with the Hansen or Infor asset management system via the Neztek file exchange format. When performing inspections using a Neztek exchange database, you will begin your inspection by importing asset data. This allows you to provide asset data from the host management system so that the operator does not need to enter it in. Upon completion of the inspection, the inspection data is then exported into the Neztek exchange database, which can then be imported back into the original system. Before you can utilize the Neztek exchange system, it first must be configured properly


The first step to configuring PipeTech to work with your Neztek exchange file is to contact the support team and provide them with a copy of the Neztek exchange file. In order for PipeTech to work properly, a template will need to be made to correlate with the data file. Also, we will need to create a file that maps the fields from the PipeTech data file to the Neztek exchange file. Once this process is completed and you have received your template and map file back from the support team, follow the steps below to configure PipeTech accordingly.

  1. Open PipeTech Scan.
  2. Click on the File menu and choose Neztek then select Neztek Data Exchange Configuration....
  3. Once that window opens, indicate your Neztek Exchange Database and your map file
  4. Once you have configured the information, click OK.
  5. Don't forget to add your template to PipeTech like normal.

Import Asset Data

Importing allows users to pull in asset data from the Neztek Exchange Database into the PipeTech header allowing the operator to not have to enter in the data manually. Follow the steps below for importing asset data from a Neztek Exchange Database.

  1. Open PipeTech Scan.
  2. Begin a new mainline inspection.
  3. Open the File menu and choose Neztek then select the option to Import sset Data.
  4. The resulting window will show a list of assets provided in the exchange database. Select the asset you'd like to inspect and choose Import.
  5. Click Close to exit the import window.
  6. Continue to perform the inspection as normal

Export Inspection Data

After completing an inspection you can export information to a Neztek Exchange Database for import into Hansen or Infor asset management systems. Please note that this step is done automatically if you have imported the asset data from the Neztek Exchange Database at the beginning of the inspection. Follow the steps below if the asset you inspected was not in the exchange database but would like to export it anyway.

  1. Complete your inspection in PipeTech Scan or open an existing Inspection
  2. Go to the File menu and choose Neztek and then select Export Inspection Data