License Manager

PipeTech offers a mechanism that allows customers to install a network license of their software. This allows you to purchase a certain number of licenses but use it on multiple computers, however only the number in use cannot exceed the number purchased. This is only available for PipeTech View and PipeTech Check. This process requires you to define a server computer that will manage the licenses for your organization and that server must be on the same network as all of the PCs requiring a license. Below are the steps to install and configure the license manager on.

  1. Download the license manager installer. Please contact our support team ( to request the latest version.
  2. Run the installation package you just downloaded.
    • This application does not require a server operating system and can be installed on Windows 7.
    • You will need administrator privileges to install.
    • You must have one network port available for use (default is 2499).
    • You must allow the application to communicate through the firewall.
  3. Run the PT License manager from the start menu
  4. In the status bar of the application, your MachineID will be displayed. Please email the support team this number and request for your network license file. Alternatively, you may request the license from in the software itself, by clicking on the License menu and choosing Send License Request Email.
  5. Once you receive your network license file, save it to a location that is available to the server.
  6. In the License Manager application, click on the License menu and then Add License File.... In the resulting window, choose the file you received from the support team and click Open.
  7. Your list of licensed products should be updated in the box at the top right of the application. If the list is empty, then please restart the application.
  8. Instruct the License Manager to listen on the proper network adapter by choosing the adapter from the File menu under Network Interfaces. If your machine has multiple adapters and you don't know which one to listen on, you may select multiple adapters.
  9. Allocate licenses to users.
    • Under the License Allocation section, click the Add User button.
    • The allocation window will be displayed where you can enter the allocation information for a user
    • Enter the login username of the the user of a license. Don't include the domain if you are on a domain.
    • From teh products drop-down menu, select the product the user should have access to.
    • Check the boxes next to the modules that the user will require.
    • Click the OK button.
    • Click the Save button.
  10. Click the License menu and click Create Client Registration File.
  11. Save this file to a location that is accessable to those running PipeTech.
  12. From a machine running PipeTech and needling a license, open PipeTech by double-clicking the application shortcut.
  13. On the registration screen, agree to the license agreement then click on the Network License button. In the resulting window, select the client registration file from above.
  14. If properly configured, PipeTech should start and you will not be required to complete this process again for this machine